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Privacy policy anjali rana

Your Privacy Policy is absolutely critical to us. It’s really the objective of the Dubai escorts to respect your privacy and to comply with any relevant regulations and laws about any personal information we may collect about you, including through our website,, and other sites we own and control. We may provide you with access to third-party information via links to, such as those from across websites. The privacy policies of all of these websites should be read in order to understand how they protect your personal information.

Your Personal Data Is Always Protected

Anjali Rana always believes that preserving the personal information and data of clients is very important. We only use your data for the purpose we specify and nothing more. Our clients’ trust is more valuable to us than anything else, and it is our motto that makes us give you better service each day. Let us help you understand our take on protecting data and our Privacy Policy for our website.

  • We, at, promise to uphold the highest standards when it comes to the security and safety of our user’s private info.
  • We always collect information that is absolutely required to provide you with the best service possible and operate our business. We do not gather any information otherwise.
  • Our employees who are trusted to handle and manage the user data are adequately trained and educated. We make sure that our employees are adhering to the standards of our Privacy Policy code and those who fail to do so face a penalty.
  • We never disclose any of the data to other parties that we gather from our user base unless we are legally required to do so. Another exception is when the users agree to have their information disclosed in an agreement.
  • We guarantee that our privacy policy standards are always satisfied whenever we engage with other parties to promote business or provide services. We always make sure that the third parties are familiar with our privacy rules and that they maintain the same while dealing with user information. We also evaluate their performance from time to time to make sure they are keeping up with the regulations.
  • We always maintain our user records and refresh them daily with the new logs to make sure of our accuracy in work. Other than, if we are forbidden by law, we let our users know how and where to access all the information that they want to seek. Notify us if there is an error on our part and we will fix it promptly.

Whenever we acquire or process personal data, and while we have it, we will employ commercially reasonable precautions to prevent loss and theft, as well as security breaches, exposure, duplication, use, or alteration.

Information We Collect

We gather the information that you intentionally and actively supply us while using or engaging in either of our services or promotions, as well as information that your devices automatically provide us when accessing our services and goods.

Your Log Data and General Information

Our servers may simply log the basic data given by your web browser when you browse our website. It may contain your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, your browser version number, the pages you view, the time and date of your visit, your time spent on each page, other information about your visit, and technical information related to any difficulties you may encounter. Please keep in mind that, while this data may not be individually revealing on its own, this might be possible to link it with other information to track specific individuals.

Your Rights About Your Personal Information

You always have the option to conceal personal details from us, with the knowledge that your use of our site may be hampered as a result. We shall not bias against you if you exercise any of your personal information rights. If you do give us personal information, you agree that we will collect, store, use, and disclose it in line with this privacy statement. You have the right to get a copy of any private details we have on file for you.

If we obtain personal information of you from another third party, we will handle it in accordance with the terms of this privacy statement. If you are a third party supplying personal information about someone else, you’ll ensure that you have the consent of that person to provide us with the personal information.

Internet Transfers

Please be advised that the countries in which we keep, process, or transmit your confidential info may not have as much data privacy legislation as the country wherein you gave the information in the first place. If we send your data to third parties in other countries, we will: do so in compliance with relevant legislation, and (ii) preserve the transmitted sensitive information in line with this privacy policy.

Cookies Usage

We gather information about you and your behavior on our site using “cookies.” A cookie is a little bit of data that our website keeps on your computer and accesses every time you come in order for us to understand how you use our site. This allows us to display relevant content on your choices.

Changes Or Amendments To Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policies to reflect the change in our business operations, currently accepted practices, or governmental or regulatory changes. We own the right to make changes and will make so whenever required.

Intellectual Property Rights

All of the content that we put up on including the text, images, and design is the original content of our website. We own all the rights, interests, and titles in our intellectual property of all the contents created or related to copyright, emblems, and trademarks. You are therefore banned to copy, reproduce or alter any of the original formats of our content.

You do not have any right under the agreement of our Privacy Policy to copy anything. Therefore, copyrighted content found shall not be tolerated and will be subjected to action from

If any particular content or emblem is rented from another party then all the intellectual property rights shall belong to them. We safeguard our website’s content under strict policies and we own all the proprietary rights.